14 dogs form conga line, set Guinness world record.

Getting a group of dogs to stay together in a line seems a hectic task but it’s adorable beyond words too. A German citizen has bagged the Guinness World Record for teaching his pet pooches to stand in a conga line. Wolfgang Lauenburger and his pack of 14 dogs broke the record set by his daughter Alexa, who achieved the feat with nine dogs in February 2022.

The video of Lauenburger and his daughter instructing the dogs balancing their front limbs on the back of the dog who was in front was shared by the official Twitter handle of Guinness World Records on Tuesday.

Along with the video, the caption reads, “New record: Most dogs in a conga line – 14 by Wolfgang Lauenburger (Germany) Wolfgang guided Emma, Filou, Fin, Simon, Susy, Maya, Ulf, Speck, Bibi, Katie, Jennifer, Elvis, Charly and Cathy in the long line.”

The video has also impressed a barrage of dog lovers and netizens are widely applauding the video. A user wrote, “That’s the most wholesome thing I saw today”, while another user wrote, “The balance and grace oh the cuteness!!”

The 14 dogs part of the pack formed a conga line in front of a Guinness adjudicator. As per the guidelines of the Guinness World Record, the dogs were required to move at least five metres while maintaining the pose.

A conga line is basically a form of dance where people line up one after the other holding each other’s shoulders or waists while dancing.

Notably, the father-daughter duo have achieved multiple records and one of them is the most rollovers, 62, by a dog in a minute.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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