It’s a success truly deserved and an achievement truly earned!

ICSK Junior bids adieu to their outgoing Principal, Mrs. Sherly Dennis and welcomes the new Principal, Mrs. C Sheeja.

15th September, 2022 will be remembered forever in the history of ICSK-Junior as the outgoing Principal welcomes the new Principal.

Much-loved Principal, Mrs. Sherly Dennis received a heartwarming farewell by the staff and students in a special assembly. The outgoing Principal, Mrs. Sherly Dennis enjoys a genuine bond with each and every student and staff in the campus. She has been a great mentor, nurturer and a dear friend for everyone.

Mrs. Sherly Dennis inducted Mrs. C Sheeja, who has been the Vice Principal of ICSK-Junior for past 6 years, as the new Principal. She whole-heartedly welcomed the new Principal and wished her every success. Mrs. Sherly addressed the gathering with mixed feelings and emotions, praised the students and staff for their dedicated efforts to help the school grow over the years.

Mrs. Sherly also thanked the parents for their support through these 14 years of journey in ICSK Junior and requested for their continued support to the new Principal.

The committed newly inducted Principal, Mrs. C Sheeja, in her address appreciated the efforts put in by Mrs. Sherly Dennis mentioning that she learnt a lot from her, for which words were too less to express her gratitude. She also thanked Sherly mam for her endless encouragement, motivation and persistence that has brought out the best in people around her. Teachers shared their feeling for both the Principals.

Last but not the least, Mrs. Sherly and Mrs. Sheeja, extended their gratitude for all the support and guidance from the Honorary Board of Trustees. Mrs. Sheeja assured the management that with their support she will take the school to the next level as Mrs. Sherly Dennis has dreamt of.

The curtain went down with a mesmerizing song that brought tears in everyone’s eyes.

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