Moroccans swim, sing, reconnect as lockdown lifts

In the Moroccan capital Rabat, people welcomed the end of more than three months of coronavirus lockdown with the joy of a religious holiday.

They met friends, played at the beach and visited relatives on Thursday.

The pandemic, however, has left its scars on the country’s economy and Moroccans’ well-being that will take a long time to heal.

“Coronavirus is the least of my worries,” said Mohammed Tighiri, a waiter in the Best Coffee cafe in the city centre, his mask resting on his chin.

“If my boss isn’t able to pay his bills, I won’t be able to pay mine.”

In the neighbouring city of Sale, teenagers and children gathered to cool off in the Bouregreg River.

With no physical distancing, they splashed and dipped in the cold water, wrapped arms around each other’s shoulders and sang songs in celebration of their newfound freedom.

Morocco has so far recorded nearly 11,900 coronavirus infections and 220 related deaths, and has not yet announced when it will reopen to international travel.

Source : Al Jazeera

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