Daredevil Raccoon Hitches Ride On Police Car, Becomes Social Media Star

On Wednesday night, a raccoon decided that prowling around on four legs is too mainstream and hitched a ride on a police car. Colorado Springs Police Department shared three pictures of a raccoon that appeared on an officer’s windshield while he was driving to the site of an accident. “Officer Frabbiele discovered that Raccoons do come out at night and was pawsitively surprised when one ended up on his windshield,” they write in their Facebook post.

Officer Christopher Frabbiele slowed down and safely pulled over, police spokesman Lt. Howard Black said to the Denver Post. The raccoon then hopped off and disappeared into the night.

“How in the world did that raccoon hop on? It’s safe to say a raccoon hopping is not a common occurrence,” said Mr Black.

Meanwhile, pictures of the daredevil raccoon soon went viral on social media with over 1,000 shares.

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