Cops Find Four-Foot Lizard Strolling Through Backyard

For many people, finding – or worse, losing – a tiny lizard in their room can be the scariest experience. So imagine what it would be like to spot a giant, four-foot one in your house. No, this isn’t just a hypothetical situation. Someone in Virginia, US, actually found the Godzilla-sized lizard in their backyard and called in for help. Now pictures of the lizard have been shared on Facebook and all we can say is that for anyone afraid of lizards, this is the stuff of nightmares.

According to, Henrico County resident Jim Milne’s dog, Bosco, spotted the lizard strolling out of their backyard. Henrico County Police was eventually alerted and at first, the officer asked to check-in on the situation couldn’t believe what they had heard. However, what they did discover upon reaching the spot was in fact a four-foot lizard. They later shared two pictures of the reptile.

The lizard is apparently a pet that got loose. Henrico County Police later shared an update to tell everyone that the reptile had been reunited with its humans.

Since being posted on September 12, the post has received over 800 reactions and almost 400 shares.

“Omg I have never heard of a lizard this big,” says one Facebook user on the post. “Godzilla! Run for it,” says another.

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