Cute Chinese kid lets sleeping mom use his hand as a pillow on subway

An image of a young boy providing a helping hand for his worn-out mom to sleep on has warmed the cockles of Chinese netizens’ cold hearts, and resulted in some arranged marriage proposals.

The photo, taken aboard a Chengdu Metro Line 2 train, shows the boy leaning against a handrail with one of his hands supporting his mother’s head while she’s fast asleep.

A fellow commuter who witnessed the heartwarming scene said that originally the kid was sitting down beside his mom, but offered his seat to another mother with a baby stroller.

The photo has gone viral on Weibo with over 180,000 likes and 18,000 comments with many netizens hoping that they’ll have a son like him someday, while the others hope that he’ll marry their daughter.

“Help me ask around about who this kid’s parents are. I want to go ahead and arrange for him to marry my future daughter,” wrote one web user.

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