“wall fire” burning through a residential area in California

An all-terrain vehicle went up in flames

Firefighters remove a US flag from a luxury home as the ‘wall of fire’ closes in

Searing temperatures and parched land fuelled dozens of blazes

The fast-moving wildfires burned through steep terrain in California on Saturday

The ‘wall of fire’ engulfed everything in its path

A bench and statue were caught in the flames

A llama looks on from a property as impending flames close in on Oroville

Embers fly off smouldering trees after flames from the ‘wall fire’ tore through a residential neighbourhood

Firefighters scramble to halt the progress of the “wall fire” as flames are seen along Forbestown Road

A plume of smoke rises as impending flames approach Forbestown Road near Oroville

Truck covered in fire retardant as a smoke plume billows in the background near Oroville


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