New facilities and mechanism to ‘ease’ procedures for Kuwaitis traveling to UK.

British Ambassador to Kuwait Belinda Lewis expects the announcement of new facilities and mechanism to ease procedures for Kuwaitis traveling to the United Kingdom (UK) in the coming days, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Belinda Lewis, British Ambassador to Kuwait.

In a statement to the daily, Lewis revealed she is hoping that the new facilities and mechanism will be announced soon to ease procedures for Kuwaitis who intend to travel to the UK for tourism, short-term study, investment and treatment purposes.

She affirmed that it is very easy for Kuwaitis to travel to the UK, especially since they can apply for a visa electronically. She added that Kuwaitis can directly travel to more than one tourist destination in the UK, not only London; pointing out that Kuwait Airways recently opened a new route to Manchester.

Source- Arab Times.


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