Tamil Nadu man spends ₹80,000 on marble statue to honour his dog.

While it is said that dogs are a man’s best friend, a Tamil Nadu man proved it right. Muthu, an 82-year-old retired government employee has built a temple in the memory of his late dog named Tom in Sivaganga’s Manamadurai. Speaking to the news agency ANI, Muthu said that he has affection more for his dog as compared to his child. “Tom was with me since 2010 but he died in 2021. My grandparents and father all were dog lovers,” he said.

Muthu has spent 80,000 on the marble statue of his late dog, which was installed in January this year. According to his son Manoj Kumar, they are planning to build a temple for the dog in the future. He further informed that offerings are made to the dog’s statue daily. “We offer food and garland the statue during auspicious days and every Friday,” said Manoj Kumar, son of Muthu.

Here are some glimpses of the statue:

Statue of Muthu's late dog (ANI)


Muthu and his son make offerings to their dog's statue (ANI)
Muthu and his son make offerings to their dog’s statue.

Statue of Muthu's late dog
Statue of Muthu’s late dog.

Source- Hindustan Times.


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