IMA Kuwait organizes Blood Donation Camp on 15 Oct 2121.

Indian Muslim Association (IMAKuwait in co-ordination with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Adan Hospital organized a “ Blood Donation Camp” successfully on 15th of October 2021 between 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm as part of its activities for service to society and humanity.
IMA Volunteers started the arrangements at Adan Hospital before Friday Prayers and the event kicked off sharply at 1.00pm. The volunteers were divided in small groups and were strategically placed to accomplish the tasks smoothly from welcoming the donors at the entrance, escorting them to the registration counters at the reception desk, preliminary blood tests and blood collection areas.
All the donors went through the necessary test prior taking them to the blood donating section.  Refreshment was served to them and certificates were issued.
IMA President Mr. Shamvel Pervez, Joint Secretary Mr. Jaffer Sadik, Khidmat-e-Khalq incharge Mr. Mushtaq Mehdi and PR (Arab) in-charge Mr. Rafat Ali welcomed the guests Mr. Mohammed Ali Abdullah from Communities Section of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs – External relations Division, Mr. Abdul Mosen Al-laho, Head of Islamic cooperation department – Jamiatul Islah Al-Ijtemaiya and Mr. Abdullah al Hudaib, member of Jamiatul Islah Al-Ijtemaiya.  Welcome bouquets and mementos were presented to the guests. Other distinguished guests from different organizations & forums in Kuwait were also present at the event to extend their moral support and assistance.
The guests and the other invitees were given a tour of the Blood Donation Building, Adan Hospital, showing the entire processes of the blood donation right from the registration, prior tests to the actual blood donation.
The guests praised the donors for their valuable donations, appreciated IMA for organizing such wonderful event and encouraged to continue such humanitarian activities.
The event received an overwhelming response from all corners in the society. More than 300 people got registered for donating their blood and around 289 donors of them donated their blood.
IMA Ladies wing also participated in the event. Lady Wing volunteers had also arranged for transportation from different areas for donors to facilitate their arrival to the blood bank.  
Organizing such events is very essential because hospitals experience a critical blood shortage for all their patients, including cancer patients, surgeries and emergencies, and need help to replenish their blood supply. It ensures a steady supply of blood for the patients.  It is a fact that one blood donation can actually save up to three lives.
Dr Asmaa Raafat El Sawi– Head of Blood Donation Mobile Unit thanked IMA members wholeheartedly for displaying extra ordinary team efforts and putting up a well-organized event whereby they could manage huge crowd swiftly & efficiently.
IMA President Mr. Shamvel Pervez congratulated all the Volunteers for their enthusiastic efforts and determination. He thanked the IMA Khidmat-E-Khalq (Social Service) team and the event organizer Mr. Mansur Abbas for organizing and monitoring the event till the end. He finally prayed to Allah Almighty to bless us all and reward us here and in the hereafter.
IMA Kuwait is an Indian socio-religious organization in Kuwait which carries out its various activities under the patronage of “Ministry of Awqaaf” & “Islamic Affairs”, Kuwait and Indian Embassy. IMA always focusses to provide platform for enhancement of expatriates living in Kuwait for their spiritual & social aspect through various programs & webinars. It looks forward for organizing various beneficial programs in future, considering the occasions and requirements of expatriates in general and specifically Indian community.

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