Car parks in vacant plots.

Bid to overcome shortage

In a pioneering step to make use the vacant plots of land in downtown Kuwait City, the Public Utilities Management Company has submitted a request to the Kuwait Municipality to organize, operate and manage vacant plots of land as car parks with an aesthetic touch to attract the increasing number of cars in the capital, reports Al-Anba daily. Official sources told Al-Anba, the ‘public utilities’ has sent a letter to the Kuwait Municipality Director- General announcing its readiness to receive the land, and also ready to vacate it whenever requested to do so, saying it has been requested to identify the vacant plots of land fall within the scope of this initiative and setting a date for a meeting between the two parties to discuss the issue. This initiative is good in light of the great shortage of parking spaces in the city, which has become a source of great concern and a worrisome matter for the urban planning authorities.

Source- Arab Times.


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