MoC hires eight consultants without specifying need – 8,000 KD per month spent.

The report of the Audit Bureau for fiscal 2020/2021 shows flaws in the Ministry of Communication (MoC) on the issue of ‘consultant services’ where the ministry is said to have spent 8,000 dinars per month without justification, reports Al-Jarida daily. The Bureau confirmed the ministry has violated the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Circular No. 17 of 1982 regarding the bases and rules for appointing experts and consultants.

The Audit Bureau, in its report, had referred to this violation for fiscal 2019/2020, but it became clear after review and examination, that the ministry, with the help of 6 employees working in other agencies, and other retired employees, is disbursing monthly ‘bonuses’ of 8 thousand dinars, without indicating the extent of the need for this number of consultants. The Audit Bureau added the ministry did not clarify their main tasks or the work assigned to them, and how the ministry benefits from their expertise which is an important element in administrative development, training and manpower development in order to raise the level of performance of government agencies.

Source- Arab Times.


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