First direct flight with Egypt today; India … KD 400?

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has announced that direct commercial flights between Kuwait and Egypt will resume on Sunday, reports Al- Anba daily. Air Transport Department Director at the DGCA Abdullah Al-Rajhi on Friday told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that nine Kuwaiti and Egyptian air carriers will operate the line between the two brotherly countries as per the number of passengers specified for each flight in line with the recent decision of the Cabinet to increase the number of passengers arriving at Kuwait International Airport daily.

Kuwait International Airport wears a deserted look (inset) as the flow of incoming passengers remains scarce. Member of the Board of Directors of Tourism and Travel Offices Hussein Al-Sulaiten said the decisions to increase the daily quota of arriving passengers at Kuwait International Airport to 10,000 and resumption of direct flights for the two largest expatriate communities in the country – Egyptians and Indians – will have a significant impact on ticket prices in the future as prices are expected to go down; especially for transit flights from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and countries that citizens usually use as transit points for their flight to Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily.

Al-Rajhi clarified the DGCA is still waiting for the approval of the concerned Indian authorities to resume flights from India, which is expected to start next week as well. He stressed the need for everyone to strictly comply with the health regulations upon entering Kuwait, to avoid problems which could result in the return of passengers to the points of origin. On the other hand, the Egyptian airlines have revealed the prices of tickets to Kuwait, which witnessed historic jumps that the Cairo-Kuwait line has never witnessed before — KD500 for a one-way ticket.

Sources from local tourism and travel agencies hinted that the high demand for tickets among Egyptian travelers will continue, as many of them wish to return to Kuwait even on transit flights. Sources said the transit costs are likely to decline soon, compared to the prices of direct flight tickets as many are expected to opt for direct flights from Egypt to Kuwait. Sources added the direct flight ticket prices for those coming from Egypt will be higher this month and early next month at the latest, indicating prices are expected to start declining over time; especially with the start of the academic year in Kuwait when many Egyptians are expected to return to the country.

The Egyptian airlines, led by Egypt Air, will start booking flights to and from Kuwait on Monday at prices starting from KD460 for one-way ticket to Kuwait; while the price of a one way ticket from Kuwait to Cairo is KD112 or more. In an exclusive statement to Al-Anba daily reliable sources said the cost of a one-way direct flight from India to Kuwait has reached a record level of 400 dinars per person.

Source- Arab Times.


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