IMA English Unit conducts a program “Lessons for life after Corona”.

“Man cannot live in his own Glasshouse. He should have a vibrant relationship with his neighbors and fellow citizens of the town for a better and a meaningful life”, said Mr. Ameenul Hasan, a famous and renowned scholar and speaker from Bangalore, addressing to an online gathering on today’s heart throbbing topic “Lessons for Life after Corona”.

The foremost purpose of this program was to emphasize vital lessons to be learnt from the harrowing experiences of the pandemic which many people have been undergoing today and henceforth how can one shield oneself from pandemic impacts and how could one recover oneself from them.

He highlighted various painful experiences people went through during the pandemic especially in India. He recounted how desperate people were in the process to save their near and dear ones from the clutches of the pandemic, how people ran from pillar to post for various essential medicines and life support materials for their beloved ones. Also, he recounted how people lost many of their near and dear ones.

He then turned the attention of the audience towards the major lessons to be learnt from this pandemic.

He explained the fact that life in this world was temporary, hence everybody should turn to his Lord and build a strong relationship with Him before it’s too late and asked the audience to be grateful to their Creator for whatever they possess.

He also explicitly conferred how this pandemic witnessed various people and organizations, regardless of religion and social backgrounds how people joined hand in hand to confront various pandemic challenges and to overcome them. He concluded that when people could work together during difficult times then why can’t they live together and work in happier times also.

Speaker introduced us to one such organization called “Sahulat” whose major purpose is to support the victims of the COVID 19 pandemic. (

Mr.  Mohammed Ali Abdullah, a representative of Ministry of Awqaf Kuwait, also attended this program and appreciated the efforts of IMA Kuwait in his speech.

The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. It was followed by a brief introduction of the English Unit of Indian Muslim Association (IMA) by the convenor of the program Mr. Syed Mateen.

The program was attended with an overwhelming majority and was appreciated with several positive reviews by the audience. 

The program concluded with “vote of thanks” by Mr. Hamidullah Shariff, Coordinator, English Unit- IMA.

Program is still available on the social media platforms such as YouTube for the benefit of the people. (


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