144,768 vaccination certificates issued abroad approved.

The auditing team for the vaccination certificates issued abroad at the Ministry of Health increased its efforts and processed 87.6% of vaccination certificates registered on the Ministry of Health platform with strict accreditation standards.

Total of 165,145 certificates were uploaded, the special technical team have completed auditing of 144,768 vaccination certificates as of August 15th. 91,805 certificates were approved for accreditation while 52,963 certificates were rejected, reports Al Rai. The reason for refusal of vaccination certificates issued abroad was related to the type of vaccine, failure to upload both vaccination doses certificate or not containing QR code where the certificate could be verified.
The technical team on a daily basis approves and rejects thousands of certificates according to accurate accreditation standards to prevent any forgery or fraud. Manipulation of these certificates could threaten health of Kuwaiti citizens and expats in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti citizens whose vaccination certificates are not approved are treated as non vaccinated upon his return to the country and are subjected to institutional quarantine, while expats whose certificates are not approved cannot board the flight and return to Kuwait.

Source- Arab Times.


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