Young Kuwaiti girl fights COVID Delta.

Teen tells all ‘take care of yourselves’

Fourteen-year-old Ayat Al-Ma’atouq, one of the youngest Covid-19 patients in Kuwait, after a long suffering in an intensive care unit of the Jaber Hospital has recovered from the virus with determination to live and spirit of defiance. This teen has overcome the nightmare after her infection with a smile, innocence and life full of love. Her childish advice to everyone is “take care of yourselves.” It was not easy for this child. She is expected to be discharged from the hospital soon and from her hospital bed she dispelled the fears with a charming smile as family members and medical staff looked on.

Fourteen-year-old Ayat Al-Ma’atouq with her father Youssef Al-Ma’atouq

The ugliness of this disease is that it does not differentiate between the young and the elderly. When the virus was first detected in Kuwait, a baby girl was infected. Ayat told KUNA that she was infected with the Delta variant of the coronavirus at the end of last June and she has a bitter memory of the suffering and her journey towards recovery. She said during her stay in the hospital she was touched by the sound of babies crying. She also remembers a child crying after his parent succumbed to the virus. Filled with emotion she says most of the time fear dominated her and that everything that she looked at appeared black and gloomy. After a few days at the Al-Sabah Hospital, she says, she was transferred to intensive care unit of Al-Razi Hospital and that her real journey of treatment began when she was transferred to the Jaber Hospital. In childlike narrative, Ayat says seeing herself in the intensive care unit was like a dream. “I thought that I had traveled to India with my father because he had promised to take me there and I think at that time I was not fully conscious. “Everything was like living a dream,” she says, “the pain of the devices connected to my body and the tube that was in my mouth I suffered a lot … severe shortness of breath and the inability to chew food and inability to even drink water.” After she was transferred to Jaber Hospital, she said, she received a lot attention and “it had a great impact on me as my health and my psychological well-being began to improve.”

Ayat thanks all the medical and nursing staff who have been very kind to her and helped her survive the ordeal. For his part, the head of the intensive care department at Al-Razi Hospital and supervising her condition, Dr Hussein Al-Majadi, said that Ayat suffered from diabetes and her infection with the virus was severe. Her health began to deteriorate and respiratory problems appeared quickly because of her young age, and certainly the psychological factor had a role in the setback of her health. For children, in addition to their feeling of physical fatigue, the psychological factor causes them fear and anxiety.

Dr Al-Majadi stated that Ayat was transferred to Jaber Hospital after coordination between the intensive care unit of Al-Razi Hospital. Youssef Al-Ma’atouq, the father of the girl, said he was surprised that his daughter was infected with the virus because she was young and was hospitalized for treatment of diabetes before she was infected with Covid-19. Al-Maatouq says, “I could not accept the idea of losing my daughter, but thanks to God Almighty and the efforts of the medical and nursing staff attending her.”

Source- Arab Times.


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