10,000 vaccination certificates of stranded Expats rejected.

73,000 expats registered, 18,000 certificates approved

The technical committee of Ministry of Health for approving certificates uploaded by expats on MOH platform for checking and approval of receiving the COVID 19 vaccines abroad is increasing. The committee is working to intensify its efforts to speed up the approval of certificates which is the most important condition for allowing expats to return to Kuwait. 

The sources stated that the committee on a daily basis approves and rejects thousands of certificates on the ministry’s website. Around 73,000 expats have uploaded their vaccine certificates. 18,000 certificates were approved while 10,000 vaccination certificates were rejected due to several reasons, the refusal may be for technical reasons related to type of vaccine or not completing the data on vaccination or does not contain QR code to verify the issuing authority. 

This week the announcement will be made about all the required measures regarding the return of vaccinated expats to Kuwait after studying the recommendations from the technical committee in this regard, reports Al Rai. Those who have received vaccination in Kuwait will only need to register on Kuwait Mussafir app, in addition to PCR negative test valid for 72 hrs before arrival

Steps to approve the vaccination certificate

1 – Register on the certificate download platform on the Ministry of Health website. (https://vaxcert.moh.gov.kw/SPCMS/PH/CVD_19_Vaccine_External_Registration.aspx)

2 – Receive a special activation code via e-mail.

3 – Download the vaccination certificate and fill in the data for the two vaccine doses and their respective make.

4 – Waiting for a response from the Ministry of Health via e-mail.

5 – In case of approval, download the “immunity” application and activate it to show the status of vaccinated or not.

6 – In the event of refusal, the authority issuing the vaccination certificate in the same country must be reviewed.

Source- Arab Times.


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