Licenses of 15 labor offices cancelled.

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has announced the suspension and cancellation of 15 licenses for domestic labor recruitment offices; including the cancellation of eight licenses as per the request of office owners and seven were suspended for various reasons, while four violations were recorded against offices and companies in June, reports Al-Qabas daily. The recent statistics issued by the Department for Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers revealed that 25 licenses were renewed while the suspension of five licenses was lifted. A total of 297 complaints were registered in June — 18 complaints from employers against an office or company, 144 from workers against employers, and 135 from employers against workers, PAM added.

The authority disclosed that 173 complaints in the domestic labor sector were referred to the judiciary, in addition to 120 complaints related to leaving work; while 153 complaints were resolved amicably. PAM handed over 42 travel documents to workers in response to their complaint that employers kept such documents.

Source- Arab Times.


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