Kuwait to launch studies for renewable energy enterprises.

Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects is seeking to assign a consultative entity for studying and promoting enterprises for producing electricity from renewable resources. The authority’s director Fadhila Al-Hassan said yesterday that the authority is cooperating with the Ministry of Electricity and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research to assign the consultative house for that purpose.

Hassan said in an interview that the most prominent future renewable energy enterprises are Al-Dabdaba power station and the third phase of Al-Shagaya renewable energy project, prospected to put out some 3,000 megawatts. The authority is currently seeking to assign a single consultancy body to study both enterprises, she added. A consultancy house will be selected to prepare studies and documents and promote the enterprises according to Law 39/2010 and its amendments.

This will entail setting up a shareholding Kuwaiti company to take charge of building power and water desalination plants in the country. On the occasion of her recently appointment to the post, Hassan indicated that she would shoulder responsibilities that warrant a successful team capable of serving public interests. Regarding Al-Zour power station that has become a shareholding company, she said this venture was the first of its kind to be launched, according to Law 39/2010, and its modifications.

Moreover, it was the first one to be set up through public subscription. This project, which earned international awards, had become operational within a record short period. It contributes with 10 percent of the national power need and 20 percent of consumed water. All data have shown that partnership is successful in Kuwait and that other ventures of such nature can be launched, Hassan has affirmed.


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