‘Life is precious’ to study COVID effect on people with disabilities.

Director-General of the Public Authority for Persons with Disabilities, Dr Shafiqa Al-Awadi, announced the ‘Life is precious’ campaign studies with scientific research the reality of the corona pandemic and evaluates the impact of the campaign on the people with disabilities, their parents and the community, stressing that this experience is nothing but a shared community responsibility that has enhanced many options and opportunities that would empower people with disabilities and support their rights in society.

Director-General of the Public Authority for Persons with Disabilities, Dr Shafiqa Al-Awadi

Al-Awadi said she, along with the human construction system and its partners, will follow up on the recommendations issued by the study and benefit from the research conclusions that have been reached, valuing all the supporting institutions for their vital role in supporting such national initiatives, and called for the continuation of this community solidarity. For her part, the strategic planning advisor to the human construction team, Eng. Awatef Al-Salman, explained the human construction team includes a group of experts, consultants and specialists in the field of supporting the initiatives for social development in the service of care groups and people with disabilities. Al-Salman confirmed that the team and the authority are in the process of completing these practicalities, stressing that the social solidarity role is manifested in its best form in such great national and humanitarian initiatives, whose impact remains effective on the life of this denomination of people, reflected in the community and the nation.

Source- Arab Times.


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