‘My body is my choice’ – Forced vaccination an attack on ‘freedoms’.

A number of Kuwaitis gathered at Al-Erada Square to protest the recent decisions of the Council of Ministers which forbids non-vaccinated people from traveling or entering commercial complexes, restaurants, health clubs and beauty parlors and barber shops, reports Al-Qabas daily. The demonstrators organized a vigil calling what they said ‘forced vaccination’ an attack on the freedoms. They were seen holding banners which read ‘No prejudice to our freedoms, no to compulsory vaccination, my body is my choice’. On the other hand, dozens of citizens demanded a comprehensive amnesty and the return of political activists and former MPs from abroad saying ‘Amnesty is a priority’.

Protesters at Erada Square

It is noteworthy to mention the security authorities pre-empted efforts by people from gathering by closing the area around Al-Erada Square and prevented vehicles from parking in the vicinity of the square.


Source- Arab Times.


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