Police begin to seize bikes.

Two kids ride their bicycles in a park before the curfew hours.

Authorities have started enforcing the ban on riding bicycles and scooters during the walking period after the night-time curfew begins. For the past two days, police patrols in Salwa and other areas have started seizing bicycles and scooters during the walking period (which was from 6 pm to 8 pm till yesterday, and 7 pm to 10:00 pm from today).

When the Cabinet decided to impose a curfew from March 7, 2021, it announced that people are allowed to walk for two hours after the curfew begins in their residential areas. This permission for walking does not include using bicycles or scooters. Yet people, mostly kids and teens, have not been respecting this ban for the past month. And with the increasing number of bicycle and scooter riders on the streets, the police decided to stop this activity.


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