‘MoH plans antibody tests soon’.

Consultant Virologist and Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine at Kuwait University and head of the virus laboratory unit at the Yaqoub Behbehani Center of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Haya Al-Tawalah, announced that the antibody test will soon be applied in the Ministry of Health. She noted the European countries are in the process of identifying the role of antibodies in detecting infection with ‘Covid- 19’, but “as for us here in Kuwait, we have tremendous capabilities to implement the process, and we have cooperative people.”

She indicated that the very advanced testing devices are in Kuwait which are comparable to their counterparts in Europe. In a press statement, Tawalah confirmed that the antibody test is considered a “baseline” so that after vaccination a person can know whether his body has responded to the vaccination or not. She stressed that the vaccination does not, in any way, exempt a person from adhering to the precautionary measures and health requirements.

She said although antibodies are not the only factor that helps in immunity, it is the factor that can measure because other axes are difficult to measure since they are not at the laboratory level but rather at the research level. She added, this factor is what doctors can measure, for example if someone has a negative result and after the vaccination tests positive, then it means that the person has responded to the vaccination, and then we determine if we reach a certain number that this person has immunity and this number varies from person to person, which is a common matter.

Source- Arab Times.


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