Progress in process of restarting hiring of new Filipino domestic workers discussed.

The Union of Domestic Labor Recruitment Bureaus, headed by Khaled Al-Dakhnan, held a lengthy meeting recently via Zoom with the leaders of the Ministry of Labor in Manila, the President of the Filipino Federation of Labor Offices, and the Labor Attaché at the Embassy of the Philippines in the country, reports Aljarida daily. During the meeting, they discussed several matters and issues related to employment of domestic workers, and the latest developments and progress in the process of resuming the recruitment of new domestic workers.

In a press statement, Al-Dakhnan said, “The meeting, which witnessed a high level of attendance, included four representatives from the Labor Ministry in the Philippines, and lasted for about five hours. The problem of female workers who are currently at the embassy was discussed, especially about the completion of the procedures for their deportation”.

He revealed that it was agreed to set March 3 as the date for the evacuation of about 200 domestic workers present in the embassy by plane that will be provided by the Philippines for their return to their country.

Al-Dakhnan stressed that the wide cooperation shown by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), represented by the Department for Organizing the Recruitment of Domestic Workers, with the demands of the union accelerated the pace of dispatching these workers. He said the administration will receive the workers from the embassy and refer them to the domestic labor shelter until the procedures for their deportation are completed, after making sure that they obtain all their financial rights. Al-Dakhnan thanked PAM for such serious cooperation that reflects positively on the labor market and speeds up the process of resuming the recruitment of new domestic workers.

Regarding the recent report about imposing a financial guarantee for every worker brought from the Philippines, he stressed that this issue was resolved by rejection, insisting that there will be no financial guarantee for the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers.

Al-Dakhnan said, “Regarding the resumption of the recruitment of new workers, no date has been set for that. However, the matter is imminent, especially since obstacles are being overcome and the problems that prevent this such as the problem of the presence of female workers in the embassy are being solved”.

Regarding the latest developments in the recruitment of Ethiopian domestic workers, Al-Dakhnan explained that there is a continuous follow-up by the union to find out the latest developments in the final signing of the memorandum of understanding for the recruitment of these workers. Allowing them to be brought into Kuwait will balance the market and solve a large part of the problem related to lack of domestic workers that the country is currently suffering from.

Source- Arab Times.


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