Road repairs in full swing.

Hoardings, trees on govt land uprooted

The Ministry of Public Works announced the maintenance engineering sector teams of the ministry carried out maintenance and brushing of asphalt on 133,848 square meters at 13 sites in various governorates between Feb 17 and Feb 23. In a press release, sources at the MPW indicated the asphalt brushing works in the internal road network during this week were carried out in Rawdah, Hitteen, Al Shaab, Al Qurain, Rumaithiya, Old Jahra, Suburb of Sabah Al-Salem, Egaila and Ardhiya, in addition to Abdullah Al-Hashemi Street, Makrad Al-Makrad Road and Road 210 between Al-Raqqa and Al-Egaila, using 507 machines and asphalt brush cars.

It indicated the nature of the work that was carried out by the maintenance engineering sector focused on asphalt brushing operations in addition to responding to a number of citizens’ complaints by closing some drilling, maintenance, development and repair operations for some sites. The Ministry called for the necessity to cooperate with emergency and maintenance teams in order to accomplish their tasks in order to implement the road network development plan, stressing its complete keenness to respond promptly to all complaints of citizens and residents around the clock.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality its supervisory teams visited several areas in the Farwaniya Governorate in coordination with the Public Cleaning and Road Works Department and in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and security support, and dismantled several hoardings and trees which blocked the view of the motorists, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

The head of the emergency team Ahmad Al- Shuraikah, said the removal of encroachments on state property came after taking all legal measures at the end of the warning period, in addition to the control team issuing a citation to a store prior to obtaining approval from the Municipality, arresting street vendors and cutting power supply to a property for committing a violation. The Public Relations Department called on citizens and residents to call the Hotline 139, which works around the clock, or communicate via the municipality’s accounts @kuwmun on social media sites or via WhatsApp 24727732 in the event of any complaint related to the Municipality. And, Director General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad revealed that EPA employees will be present at the vehicle inspection headquarters to ensure compliance with the required standards, reports Al-Qabas daily.

On the sidelines of the ceremony for the signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Interior in the presence of its Undersecretary Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham, he said, “There will be an integration between the two sides to check on carbon emissions from vehicles. Each vehicle will be examined separately”. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad affirmed that the complementarity between EPA and Ministry of Interior exists in the presence of the Environmental Police, stressing that, “The cooperation is an extension of achieving Kuwait’s interest for both citizens and residents”. He added, “The renewal of the vehicle’s road license will henceforth depend on whether that vehicle passes the carbon emission test or not”.

Source- Arab Times.


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