No decision on curfew; will continue to monitor the situation.

Restaurants and Cafes not allowed to serve customers inside – Ports shut till 20th March

The Council of Ministers discussed a number of options for curfew and total lockdown based on the current data and reports submitted by the health authorities.

The decision on curfew will not be implemented at present provided that the health situation in the country is continuously monitored and evaluated, some decisions will be announced upon the end of the cabinet meeting.

Sources stated that the Council of Ministers discussed implementing strict measures related to health requirements such as preventing gatherings, violations and preventive measures which was an alternative to curfew and total lockdown.

The Council of Ministers decided to close the ports (land and sea), with the exception of shipping operations and workers and allowed the return of Kuwaiti citizens and their first-degree relatives and their domestic workers. The decision to implement is from Wednesday 24/2/2021 until Saturday 20/3/2021

The Council of Ministers decided to ban entry in restaurants and cafes, including those inside shopping centers and malls. Home delivery will continue to operate. The decision comes into effect from 24th February.

Council of Ministers decided to reduce staff at workplaces from 50% to 30%.

Source- Arab Times.


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