Focus on addressing global issues: PM Modi asks students at IIT Kharagpur.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have to play the role of ‘Institutes of Indigenous Technologies’ in the future. The Prime Minister said that if IITs start addressing the problems India is currently facing then it will also gradually be able to address global issues. He added that India’s large population provides a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to exercise their ideas.

“IITs have to be taken to the next level so that they not only remain Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) but also become Institutes of Indigenous Technologies. If IITs address problems that Indians are facing then they can also address global issues. If experiments are successful in India, then globally they are bound to be a success,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the 66th convocation of IIT Kharagpur in West Bengal.

He said that as engineers students of IIT have the ability to study problems at different levels. He said that engineers can study the pattern of a problem and can provide long term solutions. “As an engineer, you have the ability to move things from patterns to patents. That is, in a way, you have the vision to see subjects in more detail. In this way, you have the vision to see subjects in a more detailed way,” the Prime Minister added.

PM Modi in his address also asked students to practice three mantras. He said that students should follow the goals set by them in their lives by following the mantras of self-confidence, self-awareness and selflessness. “You have to become startups to bring about a change in the lives of people. You have to work on self three – self-awareness, self-confidence and selflessness. You should recognize your potential and move forward, move ahead with full confidence, move ahead with selflessness,” he said.

During his address, PM Modi also asked students to develop infrastructure which can withstand the effects of natural disasters. “Climate change is a major challenge before the world. India drew the attention of the world to the issue of disaster management. You can see what happened recently in Uttarakhand. We should focus on improving disaster-resilient infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters,” the Prime Minister said.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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