Delays, cancellations burn hole in stranded Expats pockets.

There has been high demand from high-risk countries passengers who wish to return to Kuwait. The hotel reservations witnessed an extraordinary demand through travel agents for reserving days in coming days. There are hotels which preferred to deal directly with the customers for institutional quarantine through their website by booking specific rooms, dining options and some hotels preferred direct sales without an agent/middlemen.

The ticket prices from Dubai and Turkey are expected to increase due to thousands of expats who have been stranded for more than a month would wish to come back. Currently delays and cancellation due to decision of DGCA have not only left them stressed but also have been increasing their expense.

In the coming days the prices and cost factor for passengers arriving through air will play a major role.

1- Limited hotel rooms: The number of hotels operating for quarantine are very limited (45) at present, with 1000 passengers per day over a period of 14 days and 7 days quarantine period will force the hotel sector to work at full capacity which will increase the rates of the hotels, hotel apartments and residential complexes.

2 – The stranded expats: The stranded expats who are in transit countries due to their previous flights were cancelled, they will have first preference for re-booking of new flights only after that new bookings will be entertained, high demand for air tickets is expected to continue for two months. 

3. – Food options add to the cost: The food options in hotels varies since the quarantine includes only breakfast while the price of meal for lunch and dinner varies between 6 KD to 10 KD as per the range of hotels. Hence the bill for a single person’s living in an institutional quarantine for a period of 14 days in 3-star hotels will have to pay additional 156 dinars if he wants to eat lunch and dinner, while that cost is halved if he chooses one meal.

Sources suggested that some hotels would show more flexibility in dealing with these meals in terms of prices, especially since there are hotels that limited themselves to providing that service to their customers upon request from the room’s menu reports Al Rai.

The Kuwait hotels association has circulated rules to the hotel managers that must be followed for institutional quarantine to receive guests at the same price agreed upon previously. 

Source- Arab Times.


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