433 Expats sacked.

Hiring of new foreign workers on hold

Interim Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Dr Muhammad Al-Faris confirmed the termination of 433 expatriate employees in the two ministries and their affiliated agencies, indicating the total number of expatriate workers in these institutions is 915 and most of them are in the Ministry of Electricity and Water, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily obtained a copy of Al-Faris’ response to the parliamentary question submitted by MP Dr Muhammad Hadi Al-Huwaila, in which he affirmed the Kuwaiti employees are appointed according to the actual manpower needs of the entities in line with the replacement policy stated in Civil Service Commission (CSC) decision number 11 of 2017. He said no expatriate has been appointed in the two ministries since the issuance of this decision.

On the Kuwaitization plan in both ministries and their affiliates, Al-Faris disclosed that 130 non- Kuwaiti employees will be terminated in fiscal 2021/2022 and 156 in fiscal 2022/2023 — a total of 286 expatriates in the next two years. He added the current number of job vacancies in the Ministry of Electricity and Water is 166 due to the transfer of employees to other ministries and change in the status of Kuwaiti employees.

He revealed these jobs are limited to the Ministry of Electricity and Water as follows: one undersecretary, two assistant undersecretaries, eight public jobs-category A, four public jobs-category B, 26 first degree public jobs, 11 second degree public jobs, 31 third degree public jobs, 36 fourth degree public jobs, 27 fifth degree public jobs, eight sixth degree public jobs, eight seventh degree public jobs, three eighth degree public jobs and one third degree assistant job.

In the Administrative Section of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), the number of vacancies is 84 and they are currently being filled through promotions and recruitment advertisements, while four positions remain vacant due to the lack of qualified manpower in the local labor market.

Source- Arab Times.


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