Hike in prices of heaters.

Because of the cold wave currently hitting the country and the low temperatures, many people are resorting to buying heaters of various kinds to enjoy warmth inside their homes, workplaces and during their outings especially when camping. Because of this, the prices of some heaters have reached KD 300, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The desired benefit of the heaters is not limited to allowing movement instead of being confined under heavy blankets. Rather, these heaters provide warmth and create an atmosphere of enthusiasm for poets who warmly describe winter poetically as they sit in their camps during cold nights.

Economically, the sale of heaters has flourished, including the electric pneumatic or the electric radiator at a price starting from KD 7, as well as the oil heaters, the price of which range between KD 20 and KD 30, and gas heaters which cost about KD 60 and are most appropriate for outdoor activities.

The majority of customers choose to buy medium-priced heaters, which are sufficient to heat one room. Some tend to buy large wood heaters, the cost of which increases depending on their size and type, and ranges between KD 150 and KD 300, especially the ones with decorations and are suitable for picnics.

Pictures of heaters posted by online sellers are widespread on social media. In addition to the traditional heaters, they market heaters of different designs that attract attention. Some social accounts are specialized in selling heaters of different sizes such as those of marble and glass variety that can be placed on tables to add a touch of beauty.

The usefulness of the heaters did not stop at dealing with the winter chills, as it has become an essential part of the winter atmosphere for some, such that they want to document the scene with pictures as they gather around the heaters to enjoy winter drinks or watch their favorite films. They also inspire some talented people to compose poems in the light of heaters.

Source0- Arab Times.


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