Kozhikode District NRI Association (KDNA) delivered Medical aid.

Kozhikode District NRI Association (KDNA) in its constant endeavor of extending helping hand for the deserving people who are suffering, has delivered aid for medical treatment recently in Thikkodi, Kozhikode district Kerala.

The Medical aid fund for the bone-marrow transplantation related treatment for seven month old child was handed over to the concerned treatment committee in Thikkodi, Kozhikode district in a solemn function attended by KDNA General Secretary Sathian  Varoonda, KDNA Women’s Forum office bearer Suhara Aziz, Treatment committee convener Hameed P.K,  Treasurer Shaiju A.K, Executive Members Ismail and Hameed A.K. The treatment committee members expressed their utmost appreciation for this timely and humanly gesture from the association medical aid and other humanitarian help for the needy. The association has been following these fundamental  human supporting activities since its inception including supporting victims of natural calamities etc.



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