India totally self-reliant in terms of Covid-19 vaccines: PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday thanked healthcare workers and vaccinators from his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh for instilling confidence in people regarding India’s vaccination programme by getting the first dose. PM Modi said the healthcare workers have taken a definitive step by inoculating themselves in the first phase of the country’s vaccination drive and highlighted that it is important for them to get the doses as it will help them work without fear.

“2021 has had an auspicious start. Two Made in India vaccines have been launched to help India and the world fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,” PM Modi said during his virtual interaction with those involved in the first phase of the vaccination drive in the holy city.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that the fact India has developed the two vaccines sends a message to the world that the nation is now self-reliant. He also appealed to doctors, hospitals and vaccinators to complete the vaccination of all health workers in the city as quickly as possible so that the next phase of vaccination can be started soon.

Dr Shukla when asked by the Prime Minister regarding the response he received from the people during the vaccination campaign said that people are excited at the prospect of getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

Shukla said, “It is a matter of great pride that despite being a developing country we made two vaccines, racing past developed nations. I would like to thank you for selecting healthcare professionals for the first round of vaccination. This is a great step forward and it will also remove apprehensions from people’s minds.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reiterated that granting emergency use approval for vaccines is not a political decision but a decision that has been taken after several rounds of discussions with doctors and scientists. He also asked people not to harbour any fear in their minds regarding the vaccination process and should fearlessly get themselves vaccinated once their turn arrives.

Healthcare worker from Hathibazar, Shrinkhla Chauhan also thanked PM Modi for choosing healthcare workers first for the vaccination drive. Chauhan who is an auxiliary nurse midwife said after her vaccination she herself vaccinated more than 80 people on the same day. “I took the first dose of the vaccine on January 16 and vaccinated 87 people on the same day,” Chauhan told PM Modi.

India has vaccinated more than a million people under the first phase of the vaccination drive. Karnataka ranks highest among the number of people vaccinated so far.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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