Major hitch in education as teachers eye vacation.

At a time when the Ministry of Education is still seeking to address the problem of its foreign teachers whose residency has expired, the long mid-year vacation opened the appetite of foreign teachers to travel to their countries, which prompted them to submit applications to obtain ‘exit permits’, which puts the education in front of a new dilemma. In the event that they are unable to return due to the risks of “Corona”; that threatens a safe start to the second semester.

The educational sources stated that teachers leaving for mid-year vacation to their countries will constitute a major obstacle to education, especially if the flight ban continues to high-risk countries, which requires the Ministry to work on the readiness of the alternative in the various academic disciplines of the three stages for any reason that may arise.

Moreover, the sources say that the decision of the mid-school holiday extending from Jan 21 to March 1 for schools will suspend the appointments of new teachers for some of other reason. Regarding the distribution of grades and evaluation for the first semester, the Parliamentary Education Committee is considering the procedures and proposals submitted by the Ministry of Education, while students and parents await a well-defined plan for the distribution of grades, especially in the twelfth grade, which represents the first step on the path to future of students.

Source- Arab Times.


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