‘Condition for top job – Must know English’.

The Ministry of Public Works has set a new condition for candidates applying for the supervisory positions (technical and project) and the condition is that the applicants have to pass the English language test. In this context, according to reliable sources, the Undersecretary of the Ministry, Ismail Al-Failakawi, has issued an administrative circular yesterday to conduct the English language test to determine the level of language knowledge among the project engineers and technical supervisors.

The sources explained the test will be conducted for those wishing to apply for the post of project engineer or apply for a supervisory position. The sources confirmed this is a prerequisite for the aforementioned jobs, and no applicant will be accepted unless the person answers the test.

For its part, the Ministry has called on Kuwaiti employees of the ministry wishing to apply for any of the aforementioned positions to visit the office of the Director of Personnel Affairs within 10 working days during official working hours and starting from the date of the announcement and fill the form which has been specially prepared for this purpose.

Source- Arab Times.


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