Pharmacists allowed to open shop in co-ops.

The Secretary- General of the Kuwaiti Pharmaceutical Association (KPA), pharmacist Ali Hadi, praised the verdict of the just Kuwaiti judiciary in favor of the pharmacists and their right to open pharmacies in the cooperative societies, says Al-Seyassah .

In a statement to Al-Seyassah daily, Hadi announced the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals in favor of the pharmacies, and rejecting the request of cooperative societies was in itself a victory.

He said the Kuwaiti Pharmaceutical Association is closely following the procedures for implementing Law 30 of 2016, which enables Kuwaiti pharmacists to manage their pharmacies inside cooperative societies themselves.

He stressed the need to enable the Ministry of Health to implement the Pharmacy Law based on the ruling of the Court of Appeal and the need to adhere to laws and regulations through the Drug Inspection Department in the Ministry of Health.

Source- Arab Times.


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