Bringing domestic workers cost to increase from 990 KD to 1,500 KD.

To restart the recruitment process for domestic workers offices and companies face several challenges. Increase in recruitment costs is expected to rise by 50% which will reach to KD 1,400 to 1,500.

Owner of domestic workers company Bassam Al Shammari stated that 60% of domestic workers brought to Kuwait come from the Philippines as there is high demand for this nationality.

First problem is signing of agreement between Kuwait and the Philippines which is signed between the foreign office and the Kuwaiti offices which is a prerequisite to start recruitment, validity of all contracts needs to be renewed legally as the activity had been stopped last year, reports Al Rai. Renewal of contract would require additional procedures and time which will delay the recruitment process.

Another problem is related to ministerial decision issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to fix prices of domestic workers to KD 990, which at present time is difficult to adhere due to 3 main reasons.

1 – Outside recruitment offices have added  new costs to their services due to the spread of coronavirus which has affected all activities. The cost of training before coming to Kuwait under precautionary measures.  The additional amount levied to bring domestic workers is not possible. Local offices will have to get involved in training of new recruits.

2 – Health requirements, the price of domestic workers is determined on price of PCR checks and institutional quarantine and the air tickets.

3 – Cancellation or Re-booking of ticket prices provision needs to be made available for outside recruitment offices.
Based on these data, Al-Shammari stated that the costs of recruiting domestic workers will inevitably rise by between 40 to 50 percent and cost between 1400 to 1500 dinars for a domestic worker, which requires the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to reconsider the decision.
4 months visa validity instead of 3 month needs to be issued by Ministry of interior as especially in the Philippines there are prohibited areas.

Source- Arab Times.


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