Campaign against air drying clothes in balcony.

Capital and Bnied Al-Gar most violated area

Director of the Department of Public Cleaning and Road Works in the Capital Municipality Branch, Mishaal Al-Azmi during his field campaign summoned and informed expats living in apartments that “Hanging laundry or carpets on balconies and windows is strictly prohibited, those who violates this will have to pay a fine of up to 300 dinars.”

Ugly scenes from balconies in a number of buildings in various areas of Kuwait, especially in the capital and Bneid Al Gar at bachelors accommodation were noticed, reports Al Rai. They not only dry their laundry in balconies but in front of their building and across the street.
Al-Azmi stated “The municipality during the recent period has succeeded in curbing this phenomenon, especially since the majority of residents had no knowledge of law, and despite this we find there is a good response from building residents,”

One apartment in every 20 buildings commits violation by hanging their laundry on the balcony. Article 4 of hygiene regulation is in force and it is clear and needs no explanation, as it states “It is forbidden to hang laundry and carpets or any other things in the balcony, outdoors, roads, squares, or public squares, with the intention of drying or aerate them, or for any other purpose”

The fine is not less than 100 dinars and not more than 300 dinars. The authorities teams carry out field tours on a daily basis in all areas, and if any violation is detected the inspector writes a report by informing the building janitor (haras). First time violators are issued a pledge against violation, when the matter is repeated immediate violation is issued against the tenant of the apartment.

Source- Arab Times.


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