MoH affirms success of experimental Covid-19 vaccination.

Spokesman of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad announced on Thursday the success of the experimental vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).
“There were no unexpected side effects recorded by those who had the first dose,” Dr. Al-Sanad said in a press statement.

“The campaign will commence its work officially on Sunday according to the registered appointments on the ministry’s website using the QR code, and the medical staff will have a priority,” he noted.
The experimental vaccination campaign began earlier today at Kuwait International Fairgrounds (KIF) in the presence of His Highness Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah.

“We start this campaign upon the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday to Kuwait, and will continue over the upcoming few months until everyone in the country is vaccinated,” said the Prime Minster in a press statement.
A big number of elder people and health workers have joined the campaign in its early hours, and with the cooperation of the authorities which helped ease the process, the campaign seeks to defeat this pandemic.

Source- Arab Times.


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