Bid to cut expat abuse – Sponsors shown limit.

In an attempt to limit the arbitrariness of sponsors, and to block the road for them to use absenteeism notices to abuse expatriate workers, the Public Authority for Manpower tends to reduce the period for withdrawing reports in case they are not serious, to a week instead of 60 days, says Al-Seyassah.

Informed sources told the Al-Seyassah that the two-month period was used by the sponsors to pressurize the workers and blackmail them in exchange for withdrawing the report and in such cases the report was malicious. The sources added that after the expiration of the week’s deadline, PAM would investigate the report to ensure its seriousness in taking measures against the worker, but if the report was proven malicious, it would be dropped without taking any action, noting that coordination meetings are held with the Ministry of Interior to organize and rationalize the use of reports of absenteeism, ensuring its seriousness, and at the same time to prevent the accumulation of these reports.

The sources emphasized that this step would do justice to the workers affected by such measures, and limit the submission of arbitrary absenteeism reports. It is expected that the new mechanism will soon see the light of day to end the controversy over this file.

Source- Arab Times.


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