Above 44,000 people pre-registered for COVID-19 vaccine in Kuwait.

Dr. Mundhir Al-Hasawi, Head of the COVID-19 treatment team at Jaber Hospital and a member of the vaccination committee at the Ministry of Health, revealed that more than 44,000 people have registered to get vaccinated on the pre-registration platform for the COVID-19 vaccine in Kuwait so far, reports Aljarida daily.

In a press statement, Al-Hasawi said such large numbers and the very high turnout for receiving COVID-19 vaccine indicates the level of community awareness in Kuwait.

He affirmed that the vaccine is optional and not mandatory, calling for the need to take care to take preventive precautions against the virus.

Vaccine safety

Dr. Al-Hasawi stressed that medical evidence, studies and research indicate the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, and give it a high protection rate.

He revealed that thousands of people around the world have received this vaccine, and all medical studies published in this regard have shown the safety of the vaccine.

Dr. Al-Hasawi called on people to register on the Ministry of Health platform to obtain priority in vaccination.

He clarified that the priority for getting the vaccine will be for the most vulnerable groups, such as front-row COVID-19 workers, doctors, hospital staff, people with health-related vulnerabilities, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other diseases.

Dr. Al-Hasawi indicated that the vaccine will arrive in Kuwait very soon, and it is not part of an experiment but will be administered after it has been approved by many medical bodies and organizations around the world.

In response to the fears of some that the vaccine did not take more than ten months to see the light when such vaccines usually take many years to be permissible, Dr. Al-Hasawi explained that the COVID-19 pandemic occurred at a different and exceptional time and circumstances, and in a different epidemiological situation in the world. This led to joint global efforts to find a vaccine that can protect against the virus in record time. The number of patients infected with COVID-19 disease around the world has reached more than 72 million people. More than 1.6 million people have died as a result of the disease.

Source- Arab Times.


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