KSE stresses not to overlook need to complete 2 vital ‘road projects’.

The Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) expressed its hope for a quick response from the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) and the Ministry of Public Works to re-route the paving and repair contracts for internal roads in Firdous and Ardhiya areas, and complete the Sabah Al-Nasser Bridge project leading to Kabd, West Abdullah Al-Mubarak and the surrounding areas, reports Aljarida daily.

It stressed that the appreciated efforts being exerted in preparation for the rainy season will not render the concerned ministry and authority to overlook the interest in these two vital projects. Majed Al-Mutairi, a member of the society’s board of directors, said KSE, through its direct contact with the public, felt an urgent need to complete the project of paving and repairing the internal roads of these two areas.

He revealed work on the repair of the internal roads in Firdous and Ardiya areas had stopped many years ago, and there are hopes that it will resume after overcoming all contractual and technical obstacles as quickly as possible. Al-Mutairi said, “Through direct communication with the concerned ministry, we have noticed an eagerness to complete the project, especially since some highways surrounding the two areas have been completed.

The flyover separating Firdous and Andalus areas was opened, which greatly facilitated the traffic entry and exit movements in these two areas. We hope Minister Dr. Rana Al-Faris will fulfill her promise to complete Sabah Al-Nasser Bridge project leading to Kabd, which has become a vital matter in light of the people starting to live in West Abdullah Al- Mubarak area.”

Source- Arab Times.


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