IMA Kuwait hosts Online Mushaera.

“Idara-e-Adab Islami”, a literary unit of “Indian Muslim Association Kuwait” is conducted an Online “Mushaera”, (a poetic session in Urdu language) on Friday, the 27th of November. A mesmerizing array of emerging  and well known Non Resident Indian  literary stars; writers and poets  presented their literary compositions in both prose & poetry fields in that session.

The Mushaera was presided by renowned poet  Dr. Amer Qidwayi, a renowned Urdu poet. Amer Azmi from Al-ain UAE and Amer Shakib osmani  from Qatar were the  Chief and Honorary guests . Well Known poet Masood Hassas convened the 3hour long  event, Sahmvil Parvez, Naseem Zahed, Kamal Ansari, NazarKadapawi, Ibrahim SangeQasid, Ayub Khan Neeza, recited  their shayeri (poetry)  whereas Omar Falahi and Ishtiaq Ahmed presented their work in prose.

The program was inaugurated with recitation of Holy Quranic verses and translation by young Master Abdur Rahman Shahid Ansari. The convener of the event Masood Hassas introduced the  participants ; the president, guests, writers and poets s of the event.

Nazeer Ahmed, the coordinator of “Idara-e-Adab Islami” the Literary Unit of IMA Kuwait,   welcomed the participants and attendees. He gave a brief introduction of Indian Muslim Association Kuwait and it’s activities in Kuwait. He stated that IMA Kuwait, Founded in 1975, is well known among Indian Expats.  It carries out religious, social, cultural activities and humanitarian services irrespective of religion, cast and creed,  under patroonship of  Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Kuwait and Indian Embassy. 

Emerging writer Brother Ishtiaq Ahmed presented his article  on “The Journey of Urdu”. He emphasized the contribution of kings, scholars, intellectuals and poets of the subcontinent in development of Urdu Language.

Well known Islamic Scholar and writer Omar Fakhri Falahi presented his article on “The Role Of Islamic Scholars in the development of URDU Language”. He emphasized that Non Muslim scholar’s reformers and poets like Munshi Prem Chand, Gopi Chand Narayan, Sarojini Naidu, Narendar Lutharetc also contributed to URDU besides Muslim scholars.

Shamvil Parvez, President of IMA Kuwait, a renowned speaker and scholar also recited his poetry in this event. Guest poets  from Al-ain UAE and Qatar thanked IMA for inviting them to participate in this Mushaera and they stated that such events should be conducted now and then to bring the Indian Expats residing in different countries closer and strengthen the relations between them.

Masood Hassas convened the 3 hour long event in a very interesting style. He recited his poetry as well .

The President of the event Dr. Amer Qidwayirin his presidential address thanked the Organizers, IMA Kuwait, for organizing the Mushaera and he also presented his selected poetry.  

Khaja Moinuddin, Coordinator of Islah-e-Muashera unit of IMA paid the vote of thanks. On supplication the event came to end at10.30pm.


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