MEW to send warnings to private residence owners for paying dues.

According to informed sources from the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the ministry, immediately after the implementation of the fifth phase of the plan for the return of life, will start sending warnings to owners of private residences about the need for them to pay their electricity and water bills to the ministry. Failure to pay the bills will lead to disconnection of water service for the violators, reports Al-Rai daily.

The sources said, “The ministry continues to send warnings to all other sectors, urging them to pay their bills. It is also committed to sending warning notices to citizens who have debt declarations with the ministry, based on the request of the State Audit Bureau, which stressed the need for the ministry to collect its dues, especially from private housing owners who pledged to pay by signing debt declarations.”

The debt collections movement rose well from the beginning of the last quarter of this year. The collection numbers are expected to jump very significantly at the end of the year after a period of inactivity due to the COVID-19 situation”.

Source- Arab Times.


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