First rains flood streets of Kuwait submerge basements.

Preparations made by the concerned authorities for the rainy season in various parts of Kuwait did not solve the problems of submerging various areas. With good first heavy rains cars had to swim through the roads whereas some basements of some houses were submerged under water. The emergency plan had to be activated where emergency teams from the Ministry of Works and the Roads Authority were seen dealing with the problems.

The country witnessed moderate and heavy rains from Jahra to Salwa which led to clogging of some manholes by rain water, the ministry has deployed emergency teams affiliated with it in several locations. The drainage capacity is designed to accommodate 27 millimeters of water, the ministry feared that water would rise above the drainage capacity, reports Al Rai. The emergency teams began to drain

Roads submerged under rain water (Photo Al Qabas)

out water which was accumulated due to clogging of manholes.
Trees fell across the main streets in Jahra, the vehicle drivers volunteered to remove them despite heavy rains. The firefighting force dealt with the order by alerting its stations in anticipation of any emergency, while the Public Relations and Information Department called on citizens and expats to be careful and vigilant about the instability of the weather situation in the country

Source- Arab Times.

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