22-year-old Bastar geek develops super computer.

A 22-year-old geek from Maoist-hit Bastar has developed a mini super-computer with speed and efficiency that can match an assembly of 32 computers. Engineering graduate Saad Memon developed the computer with Rs 5 lakh financial aid from a Pune-based engineering college, where he studied.

He has also filed two patent rights for his super-computer’s software – human brain simulation.

The software is similar to Apple and Microsoft’s Siri and Cortana, which accepts voice commands to operate computers and smart phones.

When it comes to performance and data processing, super computers are used by space research organizations, petroleum industries, aerospace and automobiles industries for processing complex scientific data, which needs high processing power. This super computer has 128 gigabytes RAM space with a Wikipedia installed.

Talking to TOI, Saad said, “It took me three years to develop this computer. Now it’s working on 8.0 version and works on voice command. Sitting in Bastar, I can access this mini super computer which is placed in Pune.” He said he’s in process of developing the software-human brain simulation voice command in Hindi, which could be used by farmers for accessing information on internet.

Explaining its features, Saad said “Through automated voice command, this mini super-computer has the efficiency to automatically operate a car. It can operate humanoid robots, which can execute tasks like cleaning, regulating gadgets according to temperature. If I develop a social media group through this computer, then at a time one lakh users can get access.”

Saad has also applied for patent on two programmes of Human Brain Simulation, which is mini super computer software and connects any gadget, appliance and computer. Saad is working on neural network, a computer modelled on human brain and nervous system. “It’s a big task which is now lagging behind due to lack of funds,” he said. He has received five national awards.

“For post-graduation and doctorate, I want to go to United States,” he said.


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