Salwa Bridge needs ‘rescue’ – Bid to prevent disaster.

Far from intimidation … Salwa Bridge on the Fahaheel Road is in a state of severe despair and needs urgent rescue, reports Al-Rai daily. Upon the removal of trees adjacent to the bridge along the Fahaheel Road (Intersection 210) leading to Salwa Cooperative Society, this is the actual condition of the bridge, as seen by pedestrians, which requires the Roads Authority to carry out necessary maintenance as a matter of urgency to prevent a disaster that could happen at any moment.

The problem was detected with a call from a citizen to communicate the case to the concerned party for the execution of necessary maintenance to prevent disaster, seeing the large cracks nearly splitting the external walls of the bridge that trap buried soil down the bridge from the slide.

To find out the effectiveness of those walls made of concrete, in the form of interlocking molds, the daily contacted a number of engineers working in construction field who warned, “In the event that these walls collapse, the soil will slide immediately and the asphalt layer above will cave in, meaning the bridge will collapse.”

Source- Arab Times.


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