ICSK Senior sets the trend with the first online Self Governance Day.

Self Governance day has been an annual segment of the academic calendar of the ICSK Senior school with the objective of developing leadership with responsibility among the students. Every year the students of class 12 shoulder the responsibility of running the day by tailoring between the class hours as student teachers and teaming up with fellow mates to conduct the classes. This year, there was an exception given that the Self Governance day was conducted on the online platform on Thursday the 12th of November 2020, this event being the first of its kind amongst schools in Kuwait. The Self Governance Day at the the ICSK Senior, during this pandemic, has proactively set a virtual stage for student teachers who had effectively engaged the classes with well prepared lesson planned a week earlier. Classes on the virtual platform were packed with vibrant and apt power point presentations, subject oriented and fun quizzes and the like. The school President Mast Cebin Biju Panicker took the role of the school Principal for the day. The day saw a systematic approach being taken by student teachers who were given the opportunity to take classes online and learn what they teach as well.

The customary proceedings of the day began with the special assembly that was organized and conducted by the School Senate. The assembly was witnessed by the Principal and Senior Administrator Dr. V. Binumon, Vice Principal Mrs. Susan Rajesh, Deputy Vice Principal Mrs. Mini Shaji, Senate Advisor Mrs. Indira Radhakrishnan and the entire staff and children of ICSK Senior, through the virtual platform. The virtual platform saw an enthusiastic participation of more than 1000 students on the virtual platform. Ms. Danielle, Winners House Captain and Master Ashwin, Vicotrs House Captain were the hosts for the special assembly. Ms. Mariam the Arts Club Secretary started the day with the Islamic prayer and the translation by Master Fazil, Achievers House Captain followed by the school prayer and Kuwait National Anthem.

The Asst. Winners House Captain Master Audrey Lewis shared the word of the day. Master Deepak Devendra, Vice President presented the quote for the day and its Hindi translation was presented by the Asst. Sports Captain, Ms. Muskan. The Ast. Arts Club Secretary, Ms. Surabhiand Asst. Leaders House Captain, Ms. Sanjana updated the current affairs with the news for the day. Master Johann Premjith, the Asst. Student Editor enlightened the crowd with an absolute mind boggling speech.

After the intellectual portion in the assembly, the entertainment quotient was introduced by Master Zachariah with amesmerizing instrumental on the piano portraying a Turkish composition followed by a very ethereal dance performance by Ms. Anjana. The Student Editor, Master Joven elevated the mood of the audience with the rendition of a mellifluous song. As it is said that the best is always kept for the last, Master CebinBiju the School President for the year 2020, highlighted that parents are the first teachers who teach about life and about how to lead life keeping our head high. It was followed by a very peppy dance number by Master AbhishekKovil, which left the whole audience tapping their foot in awe.

Dr. V. Binumon, Principal of ICSK Senior presented the digital birthday cards to all those who celebrated their birthdays and wished and prayed for their well being. He also appreciated all the senate members and the performers for their wonderful presentations and performances. He applauded Master CebinBiju, whose words on parents added true meaning to the respect given to all the teachers. The school pledge was administered to all the children by The Sports Captain, Master Arnold which was followed by the Indian National Anthem. The School Senate held a session exclusively for the teachers where special and unique programmes werestaged by the members of the Senate for the teachers of ICSK Senior. The programme was wound up with a thanksgiving speech by the School President Master. CebinBijuPanicker. A day worth cherishing for all the teachers of ICSK Senior!!!


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