Platform window … 3 minutes.

The Ministry of Information has started receiving candidates for the 2020 parliamentary elections that will be held on Dec 5. The ministry has given each candidate three minutes to present their electoral programs, which will be broadcasted on Kuwait TV and Radio Kuwait for free.

It will continue accommodating candidates until Nov 28 with the aim of giving candidates equal opportunity to establish contact with the voters. Meanwhile, Third Constituency candidate Dr Shaikha Al-Jassem said the intended and unintended overlapping of functions in various authorities is the biggest obstacle to the implementation of reforms. She pointed out this overlap paves the way for everybody to dodge responsibility and put it on the shoulders of others.

Al-Jassem asserted that although the Constitution guarantees the autonomy and separation of authorities, this is not fully implemented in reality. She cited as an example the executive authority’s control over the appointments and promotions at the judiciary, adding that the judiciary receives salary from the government. She went on to say that even if legislation is under the jurisdiction of the legislative authority, ministers are allowed to vote on bills. In democratic countries, the government is allowed to vote only if it is elected by the people, she pointed out.

Fourth Constituency candidate Soud Bu Saleeb voiced objection to the one-man-one-vote system, while unveiling his plan to submit a bill in this regard once he reaches the “green chair”. He believes the unfair distribution of constituencies must be amended as well, not just the voting system.

For instance, the number of voters in the Fourth Constituency is 152,000; 166,000 in the Fifth Constituency and 64,000 in the Second Constituency, yet every constituency is represented by the same number of MPs – 10, he added. Second Constituency candidate Eng Ahmed Al-Hamad stressed the need to ratify new laws on the economy, considering the current laws have not been updated for a long time. He thinks this is the reason why many local businesses decided to operate in other countries where they enjoy a business environment which guarantees sustainability and prevents annoying obstacles. He said corrupt business persons are not keen on implementing new laws, because they can modify the existing laws to serve their personal interests with the help of some influential individuals.

Source- Arab Times.


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