PACI launches home delivery of Civil ID cards.

KD 2 for home delivery, addition card on same address quarter KD extra

The Public Authority for Civil Information launched home delivery of civil id cards from today. The PACI released a video on its twitter account along with the details.

Now citizens and expats can obtain civil ID in a much easier way without having to visit any PACI branches. Also congestion at the branches will be reduced considerably stated Musad Al Saousi the Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information. This new feature will save time and effort plus will maintain social distancing to safeguard health measures and avoid spreading of infection from coronavirus.

Al-Asousi stated that the Authority has contracted one of the leading companies to deliver the civil ID cards. The fee for one card delivery service is two dinars (2 KD) , and an additional quarter KD to deliver to the same address. This service can be obtained by entering the card delivery website (https: //, which will enable the application and civil card delivery stages.

The ready cards will be delivered within two working days from the date they are delivered to the company.

Al-Asousi further mentioned that the authority is keen to ensure that the cards are delivered in confidential status in a sealed envelope with the authority’s logo on it. The old civil card must be provided to the representative of the delivery company by authorizing on the documents to receive the new civil card.

Source- Arab Times.



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