Opportunities & Options for Returning NRIS.

IMA (Indian Muslim Association) Kuwait – Social Service Department conducted Zoom Webinar on “Opportunities & Options for returning Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)”, which addressed the need of hour specially for NRIs. 
The program covered the basic requirements of a specific segment of society under the current situation developed due to COVID19. Mr. Abdullah Hassan, the program speaker, delivered a lecture followed by questions & answers session. 
Mr. Hassan, co-founder and CEO of Dhow capita, is a globally acclaimed speaker on entrepreneurship having conducted several online workshop and live sessions. He emphasized how to manage situations, Do’s and Don’ts under adverse situations and keep positivity in all circumstances to lead a successful life. He stressed the audience to plan their future time with available resources and accordingly invest in their interest areas where they were confident. 
He also highlighted key points of success rate and risk factors while opting a start-up. He recommended to follow up Government programs for various start up and select as per your suitable budget, area, and advised to carryout research work before venturing a new start up. He also emphasized how to overcome the risk associated with all new start-ups.  

An overwhelming number of attendees appreciated this program.


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